The first HuiXian earthquake engineering lectures And the 2nd HuiXian International Seismic Engineering Young Scholar Forum

August 19-21, 2016, by the HuiXian Earthquake Engineering Foundation, Heilongjiang ,the Earthquake Engineering Foundation, US-China , International Society of Lifeline and Infrastructure Earthquake Engineering, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Asian-Pacific Network of Centers for EarthquakeEngineering Research Co-sponsored, by the Beijing University of Technology hosted the first HuiXian earthquake engineering lectures and the 2nd HuiXian International Seismic Engineering Young Scholar Forum held in the Beijing University of Technology Jianguo Hotel. More than 200 young scholars from China (mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan), the United States, Japan, Australia, Switzerland and other countries and regions to participate in the meeting and invited guest report.


The Foundation held the first International Forum of Young Scholars on Earthquake Engineering

August 16, 2014 -19, sponsored by the HuiXian Foundation and the US-China Foundation, China Earthquake Administration Institute of Engineering Mechanics to host the "First HuiXian Earthquake Engineering Young Scholars International Forum "Held in Harbin. A total of 68 outstanding young scholars from the United States, Australia, Romania, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China (mainland and Taiwan) participated in the forum.


The opening ceremony of the Forum was hosted by Prof. Wang Tao from the IEM. Prof. Sun Baotao, Vice Director of the Foundation, and Director of the IEM, attended the opening ceremony. A total of 55 academic reports were presented on the experiences and lessons of earthquake damage, observation and analysis of strong earthquakes, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, lifeline engineering and so on. The research achievements and recent progress of young researchers are presented in recent years. To promote the research and practice of disaster prevention and mitigation under the background of multi-disciplinary and multi-hazard coupling through the free, flexible, comprehensive and in-depth academic exchanges, to stimulate innovation inspiration, to enhance academic capacity, to promote horizontal linkages and to seek cooperation opportunities.


In the end, the participants visited the China Earthquake Administration Key Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering and the IEM Exhibition Hall, participants said that the forum was very fruitful, it is recommended to resume the Foundation in the future to continue to organize similar activities, that Young scholars at home and abroad and earthquake engineering experts to provide face-to-face communication platform for domestic and foreign earthquake engineering-related professional young scholars and students to enhance mutual understanding and communication to provide a bridge.